Naps and snacks in Cambodia

When you travel, it is always nice to know where to sleep and the places to stop to get some food. Here are the best places and restaurents I have stayed and tasted during my Cambodian adventures! Hope you will find it useful!

Click on the the places’s names to wether get access to the address or the website.

Please do note that the rates are only indicatives, they might have slightly changed since. 

Phnom Penh: 

11 Happy:

One of the best place for the back packers! all the backpackers meet there! It has a terrace on the top with pools, along with the  bar and the restaurant! nothing fancy but it is cosy, and fun and you meet a lot of new faces! The rooms are pretty small but clean! You also have privates rooms with your own bathroom.

Some bedrooms do not have any window, and you may run out of hot water, but it is so warm outside it is not a problem! 

If you want some good vibes, to enjoy yourself and meet a lot of new people while sipping a pint of beer! do not hesitate! 

And! you also have a cinema, where you lay down on comfy mattresses! 

Prices from: $7 to $16 per night

Book now!

Friends restaurent:

  • Open every day from 11am to 11pm (kitchen closes at 10pm)
    #215 St 13, Phnom
    Penh, Cambodia

This is an amazing place! This restaurent is one of the three restaurants in Cambodia taking part of the Tree organisation.  All the staff members are students who are been helped by the organisation in order to fund their educations.  The food is absolutely amazing and if you want to help a bit more, there is a shop and all the profits go to the Tree Alliance organisation. Nothing fancy, but just knowing that every penny you are spending on you delicious food will help students achieving their goals is just so so satisfying. 

It is such a nice place, but you should book in advanced, because we have tried to book one week ahead and it was already full… 

Here you have an idea of the prices: 

Capture d_écran 2018-05-06 à 17.31.36Capture d_écran 2018-05-06 à 17.31.59

La brasserie du port:

  • +855 66 821 224

I do not know about you guys but personally, as a french person, the first thing that I am missing the most when I am abroad is french food! So after 3 months in Cambodia, I was craving for some french food. And thus, I found my perfect place. everything reminded me of home… 

Prices are a bit more expensive but have in mind that everything is imported from France. 

Prices: From 6$ to 35$ (ish)

Malis restaurent

This is simply (for me) THE BEST restaurent for khmer cuisine. The place is absolutely beautiful and so cosy and everything is to die for! Once again book in advanced…

Prices are a bit higher than what you may find but it is truly absolutely divine!!!

Capture d_écran 2018-05-06 à 19.06.19Capture d_écran 2018-05-06 à 19.06.29

Capture d_écran 2018-05-06 à 19.08.40Capture d_écran 2018-05-06 à 19.07.57

Java Café & gallery:

For those in need of some european food, or if you need to work, this is the place to be! You have a bit of everything, western food such as, burgers, pasta, salads, beef tenderloin  and so much more. There is also some khmer food.

The prices are more than affordable and everything is absolutely delicious! I had some work to be done and the wifi is not bad at all.

If you are more than four I suggest you book in advance just to be sure. There is an art gallery above the restaurent for those interested.

The AC is freezing cold so bring a jumper and a light scarf…  

Prices from $2 to $7 


(3h-4h from Phnom penh by bus, $6-$9)

Villa Vedici: 

Super nice place with a swimming pool, a bar and a restaurent. The staff is really helpful. We have spent 2 nights there. It is more than sufficient in order to visit the pepper plantations.

To do so, we have asked  to a Tuktuk driver if he was willing to drive us there and take us back. The plantation is located at 50 minutes by car so in tuktuk it took us 1h30… But the weather was beautiful and we enjoyed every seconds of the trip. We payed 35$ for the whole day. 

Concerning the hotel you have different types of rooms. Some of them only have a fan so make sure you book a room with the AC if it truly matters to you. You also have family suites. everything is really clean and the food is delicious. Furthermore, it is really nice to relax by the pool with a cocktail after a long day!! once again, you may not always have hit water but it truly does not matter due to the temperature outside…

You can also book some activities such as, kayaking, mountain biking, paddling,wakeboarding kneeboarding and waterskiing and kiteboarding!!!

Capture d_écran 2018-05-07 à 18.52.34Capture d_écran 2018-05-07 à 18.58.14

Prices: $35/ $125 per night


Check several bus companies. Some of them are really slow ans can take up to 9h to take you there at a really expensive price. It normally takes 5h to get there for $12 – $13

Lost in the Cambodian jungle, if you want to find some peace surrounded by the nature, it is the place to go… In addition, you can participate in a project witch protects the elephants.

As you may know, in Cambodia, and more specifically in Angkor, you can do elephants tours. Please do not do it… one of them died of exhaustion. These beautiful creatures are not meant to carry tourists.

Please, instead, go to Mondulkiri, there you will have an organisation (Mondulkiri Project) witch saves the elephants and give them a second chance. You will have the chance to walk with them, have lunch in the jungle and bathe with them!! all the money goes to the organisation and they truly do an amazing job!!so book NOW!! 

Nature Lodge

You will truly make one with the nature there… They have a restaurent and the food is actually really nice. the rooms are bungalows. You are completely lost in the nature and if you are lucky, in the morning you might see horses in front of your window! 

The bungalows are cosy. some beds have mosquitos nets. Bring some repellent in just in case. But you should not have any mosquito issues. Indeed, the climat is cooler so less mosquitos. 

Prices: The prices on their website is per person per day!! 

Capture d_écran 2018-05-24 à 12.05.59


3h30 bus trip, $8

We stayed 5 days in Kep and it’s region. We fell in love with the region,… The atmosphere, the people… We rented scooters ($6-$10 per day depending on how much you manage to bargain) so we were free to go wherever we wanted. We also did a 3 days nights 2 nights home stay trip in moto with a wonderful guide. I will mention the trip in a future article. Keep is the town of the blue crab which is a speciality there. And it is actually really good!! 

Botanica Guesthouse

If you ever go to Kep this guesthouse is the best!! Prices are really affordable. Everything has been perfect from day one. You have a swimming pool and a bar/restaurent. Everything is really clean and the food is so so soon good! The owner is a french man married to a Cambodian and sharing some nice moment with him and his family is really nice. One of the best guesthouse I have stayed in, and I am not saying this because I am french myself but because they truly deserve it.

Prices: From $18 to $25  


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